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Lion Dance: Lioness Roars  + Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms - Mountain River Jump!

Solo Exhibition

Mountain River Jump! 山河跳!

Lion Dance: Lioness Roars  + Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms

旧正月の獅子舞のビデオ + 動物の故事成語の占いのカード によるインスタレーション

from the performance at Force Temple, Tank Shanghai 2019

Mountain River Jump! 山河跳

Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions 2020

第12回  恵比寿映像祭  地域連携プログラム YEBIZO MEETS

企画名:旧正月の獅子舞のビデオ + 動物の故事成語の占いのカード によるインスタレーション

​作家名:Mountain River Jump! 山河跳! 

会場:Rocky Shore

住所:東京都目黒区三田2-7-7 エステート三田105
会期:2020年 2月7日(金)−  3月31日(火)  

      2020年 2月7日(金) - 2月23日(日)13:00 -  18:00


      2020年 3月16日(月) - 3月31日(火)  


備考: 誠に勝手ながら、健康状態の優れないお客様の入場をお断りする場合がございます。なお、スペースにはマスクのご用意がございます。



Lion Dance: Lioness Roars  + Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms


Mountain River Jump! 山河跳! 


Rocky Shore


105 Estate Mita, 2-7-7, Mita, Meguro, Tokyo

part 1: February 7 fri − 23 sun, 13:00 -  18:00

part 2: Februrary 24 mon - March 31 tue by appointment only for each group of visitors

Please note: Before you paying a visit, please make sure your health is in good condition. We offer visitors a surgical mask upon request which we have been stored since 2018. Don't worry, its all new and well-reserved :)

Special Thanks: 

Rui Lin(SLEEPCENTER), Frédéric Dialynas Sanchez & Sébastien Leseigneur(L'Éclair), Cyril Porchet

consultation - Aya Momose, Miwa Negoro, Satoko Ozaki, Yumeco Kobayashi

install management and set up - Jesse Hogan, Keiichiro Tanaka, Shinpei Kihara

plastic chairs - Chuong Pham, Tran Minh Duc


占星術や社会情勢、フェミニズムを主題にラディカルかつポップな表現をする中国の双子姉妹によるユニット Mountain River Jump!(山河跳!)による、旧正月の獅子舞のパフォーマンス記録のビデオ作品2本(2019年秋に上海Tnak Shanghaiで行ったパフォーマンスの記録映像 + 制作風景の映像)と作家によるオリジナルの動物の故事成語の占いのカードをインスタレーション形式で展示します。(恵比寿映像祭 地域連携プログラム)

We are pleased to announce the exhibition by Chinese identical twin sisters' unit called Mountain River Jump! 山河跳!at the occasion of Yebisu International Festival for Art and Alternative Visions 2020(YEBIZO MEETS) running by TOP MUSEUM. We are showing installation with 2 videos: documentation of their Female version of Lion Dance performance at Tank Shanghai, fall in 2019 and the artist's original divination cards created by inspiration from 49 Chinese animal idioms.

About Mountain River Jump! 山河跳!

Mountain River Jump! 山河跳!はHuang ShanとHuang Heの双子の姉妹によるユニット(1985年生 中国広東省仏山市在住)。2016年結成。さまざまな種類のメディウムによる作品を制作。とりわけ占いの鑑定を鑑賞者に行うパフォーマンスを重視し、実践を通じてパフォーミングアーツの可能性を追求。東洋の神秘主義思想や民話を元に、アイデンティティ・ポリティクス、労働問題、フェミニズム、ライフ・ポリティクス、現代の社会生活等を考察。日常的な身近なテーマから神話的な手がかりを見つけ出し、それらの精神分析を通じて今日の中国における物質主義的な生活態度とそこに潜む精神性を反映する実践を試みている。

Mountain River Jump! is an artist duo founded in 2016 by twin sisters Huang Shan and Huang He, who were born in 1985. The duo has a variety of creative formats in art, often applying "divination consulting" as a performance to examine the potential of such art medium, and to interact with the audience at the intrinsic level. With their studies into Oriental mysticism and folklore, the artists pry open the topics of identity politics, labor issues, feminism, life politics, modernity, and others. They pay attention to the embodiment of mythological clues in a daily context, attempting to carry out "psychoanalysis" of the reality, and reflecting on the materialist culture within modern China and its psychological status. Huang Shan and Huang He presently works and lives in Foshan, Guangdong.

黄河Huang He


1985   Born in Guangzhou, China

2008   BFA Digital Art and Design, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts

黄山Huang Shan


1985   Born in Guangzhou, China

2008   BFA Industrial Design, Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts

Exhibitions and Projects


Sunset on a Dead End-The Notorious and Their Inexplicable Modes of Existence, Power Station of Art (PSA), Shanghai, China

Buddhist Youths: United Collective Indifference, Goethe-Institut China, Beijing, China

The Force Temple, Tank Shanghai, China

Waves wash away the sand FM, UCCA Dune, Beidaihe, China

Collection of Acts Street Wise, Shanghai, China

Glow Like That, Victoria Dockside, K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong, China

Mirthful Talks, OCT Art & Design Gallery, Shenzhen, China

Inspiration: A divination talk Workshop, Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, China



Huge Huge, Sifang Art Museum, Nanjing, China

It was a dream of a trip, 1st Edition of Shanghai Curators Lab Project, Shanghai Academy of Fine Arts, China

Canton Gallery, 2017 West Bund Art & Design, Shanghai, China

DOJO le temple de l'abstraction, Le Commun, Genéva, Switzerland

Underground-children-festival, ParaSite and Goethe-Institut, Hong Kong, China

After Three Hundred Years; Emerald City, K11 Art Foundation, Hong Kong, China

art book in China, M Woods Museum, Beijing, China

Artists’ Book Weekend, SunnyHills Café; Tai Kwun, Hong Kong, China

Red Eyes; GENDERS ENGENDER, Taikang Space, Beijing, China


LIGHT UP Therapy Resort, PSA Emerging Curators Project, Shanghai, China

Idealism in the East; 2017 West Bund Art & Design, Shanghai, China

BECOMING, Crossing Border Border Crossing — International Festival of Intermedia 2017, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong, China

Reality Check, SLEEPCENTER, New York, United States

Legends in Human World / Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms; Marching in Circles, Long March Space, Beijing, China



Mutual Telepathy, 5 Art Space, Guangzhou, China

Fortune Teller's Tent, OCAT Shenzhen, China


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