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Salaryman - Nabil Tazi

Solo Exhibition

会期:2017年 9月 30日(土) − 12月 16日(土)  13:00 - 18:00  (土曜のみOpen on every Saturday)

オープニングレセプション:9月 30日(土) 15:00 - 18:00



サラリーマン展ではフランス リヨン在住の作家ナビル・タジが2014年に日本に滞在していた際に制作した写真作品を展示いたします。










Salaryman is a neologism from the Japanese language designating non-executive employees of companies. Beyond the type of position, Salaryman refers to a male lifestyle in which work and colleagues occupy most of the time.

The speed of our modern lives, exacerbated by the technical revolution, compromises the flavor and the memory of our reality.
According to Milan Kundera in Slowness :
«Imposing form on a period of time is what beauty demands, but so does memory»

The starting point of my project is « the secret link between slowness and memory, between speed and forgetfulness ».

The combination of the speed of the flash and the slowness of the shutter makes different temporalities coexisting within a single frame. At the intersection between the abstract and the figurative, my photographic approach weaves a link between duration and speed in other words between memory and forgetfulness.

It features Salaryman, one of the symptoms of contemporary obsession for speed.

Nabil Tazi(ナビル・タジ)について

フランス・リヨン在住の写真家。 写真作品を中心にインスタレーション、メディアアートを制作する。全ての出来事は、人間の自由意志にかかわらず、それ以前の出来事から必然的に導かれる結果であるとする哲学用語の決定論やアイデンティティ、言語をテーマに、アナログカメラおよびデジタルカメラを用いてありふれた日常の景色をとらえる実践を行う。Tazi自身も2015年に東京でサラリーマン生活を過ごした経験を持つ。グルノーブル工科大学エンジニアリング専攻学士取得、スウェーデン王立工科大学(KTH)ソフトウェアエンジニアリング修士号取得。

Nabil Tazi 

is a French artist. For several years, he developed a sensitive look at the "mundane" thanks to the slowness of the analog photographic process.


His photography practice covers both installations and series of images. His achievements revolve around questions of determinism, identity and language. In 2017, together with Henri Aribert-Desjardins, he founded the collective "T'y Crois? ". His work has been published in several magazines, printed and online.


He has participated several collective and personal exhibitions in both galleries and alternative venues, including Lyon, Budapest, London, Atlanta and Tokyo. He himself experienced the 'salaryman' life in Tokyo in 2015. Graduated from Grenoble Institute of Technology, engineer degree, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, MSc, Stockholm.


- Sept-Oct 2017, Group Exhibition Salaryman - Résonance de la Biennale de Lyon - Taverne Gutenberg, Lyon, FRANCE.

- April, May 2017 Solo Exhibition (Henri Aribert-Desjardins & Nabil Tazi) Equation de Foule - Galerie La Mare, Lyon, FRANCE.

- Fev. 2017 Group Exhibition Equations Multiples - Taverne Gutenberg, Lyon, FRANCE.

- Oct. 2016 Group Exhibition Paroles en Friche - Taverne Gutenberg, Lyon, FRANCE.

- April 2016 Group Exhibition Monster Photo Gestalt - bG Gallery, Santa Monica, USA.

- March, April 2016 Group Exhibition Revealing the Real - Atlanta Photography Group (APG), Atlanta, USA. Curated by Anna Walker Skillman

- March 2016 Group Exhibition Thérapie du Dimanche #18 - OBLIK, Villeurbanne, FRANCE.

- Feb, March 2016 Group Exhibition Moments - PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary. Curated by Zsolt Bátori

- Feb. 2016 Group Exhibition Shadow & Light - Darkroom Gallery, Essex Jct., USA. Curated by Taj Forer

- Oct. 2015 Group Exhibition Lumière, Café Littéraire, Grenoble, France

- Sept. 2015 Group Exhibition Un Tramway Nommé Culture, Café Littéraire, Grenoble, France

- April 2015 Group Exhibition Light Chaser - Greenwich Gallery, London, UK. Curated by Linda Wisdom.

- May 2014 Group Exhibition Reg'Art 2014, Street Billboard Exhibition, Grenoble, France.

Featured Work:

- 2017 Kodizes Magazine, issue 9

- 2017 Eyescape Magazine, issue Connections

- 2017 Rûm Magazine, 2nd issue, Rûm

- Nov. 2016 Epic Stories, La Sélection du Jeudi 63

- 2016 Publication in STILL CURSING: VOL. II ‒ MARK ANTONY

- April 2016 Epic Stories, La Sélection du Jeudi 44

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